Elegant time tracking that stops wasting your time.

Don't Settle for Complicated

It shouldn't be complicated or cumbersome to track your client work. Pretty sure punch cards are simple.

Stop Toggling Switches!

Toggling client work off and on, and off and on, and forgetting to turn it off and on is really annoying.

AI Will Not Help You

App's that track your work based on open apps and directories just leave you with tons of new data to sort through.

Freelancers $0/Month

Unlimited Clients
Client Invoicing
Time Dashboard
Tracking Reminders


Teams & Projects Coming soon...

All the Freelancers features
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Teams
Unlimited Team Members
Team Dashboard


Imagine the most developer friendly CLI/API/UI time tracking system you've ever used. It's only a couple clicks more away from being at your finger-tips, and helping you get paid faster.

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